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MTT Y2K – The Most Powerful Bike Ever.

Rolls-Royce the car known for its luxurious looks, power, etc. But can you imagine about a bike which come with the power of a rolls-royce ? A bike consist of a rolls-royce allison engine ? if not so, then let's talk about the wold's most powerful bike ever manufactured by MTT. And the bike is MTT Y2K - World's most powerful bike ever made.

mtt y2k

MTT Y2K - Introduction

MTT was a leading Turbine innovation which produces majorly Airboats, Workboats, And special projects. so The MTT president Ted McIntyre once decided to add Motorcycles to its firm. The president appointed Christian Travert ( a former bike racer and custom builder) to head the project. This was a great step by MTT. because It was the First time that MTT was introducing motorbike in its firm.

Early models were powered by a Rolls-Royce-Allison Model 250-C18 gas turbine producing 320 hp  at 52,000 rpm. Unlike some turbojet-powered motorcycles which relied on jet propulsion for thrust, the Y2K Superbike's turboshaft engine drives the rear wheel via two-speed gearbox. but The motorcycles are produced on demand and made to order for buyers.

mtt y2k

MTT Y2K - Specification

The Turbines used in these bikes were not brand new but The turbines used in these bikes were second Hand. Now, you will say that it can affect the turbine capability. Yes! you are right but, not too much. Because the turbines were refurbished by MTT and but also extend the warranty of the turbine for every newly purchased bike.

So Representing the latest in engineering technology, the bike features carbon fiber fairings, a tubular aluminum frame containing the bike’s transmission fluids and reserve tank, a rear-mounted camera with LCD color display, Smart Start computerized ignition, and more.

Key specifications

Engine:  Rolls Royce Allison – 250-C20 Series Gas Turbine

  1. Power:  420 HP @ 52,000-rpm
  2. Torque:  ~500 ft/lbs @ 2,000-rpm
  3. Transmission:  2-Speed – Automatic
  4. Lubrication:  Dry-sump / 3.5 Qts. Turbine Oil
  5. Frame:  Aluminum Alloy
  6. Weight:  ~500 lbs
  7. RPM:  6,000 RPM
  8. N1 Speed:  54,000 RPM
  9. Fairings:  Carbon Fiber
  10. Rake:  27 Degrees
  11. Colors:  Infinite Custom Colors.
  12. Fuel:  Diesel and Kerosene
  13. Fuel Capacity:  8.5 Gallons (34-liters)
  14. Reserve Tank:  1.5 Gallons (6-liter).
  15. Wheels:  17 Inch Carbon Fiber – Dymag
  16. Wheel Base:  68 Inch
mtt y2k

MTT y2k - variants

In 2006, MTT released the "Street Fighter," at the Las Vegas SEMA show. The Street Fighter began the standardization of the more powerful 420 hp turbine from the Allison 250-C20B engine. In 2015, MTT released two new models. The first was a trike with the 420 HP turbine engine. It features the latest technology and enhanced safety features. The second new bike released by MTT is the 420-RR (Race Ready). The 420-RR is the most extreme bike that MTT produces based on technical advances, aerodynamics and Race Ready enhancements

MTT’s Y2K bike was recognized by Guinness World Records as the most expensive production motorcycle ever to go on sale and in a second award it was designated as the most powerful production motorcycle. Awards aside, MTT engineers and manufactures the bikes in house. The bikes are fabricated from solid billets and there are very few vendor items we require. If you want the ultimate Big Boy Toy look no further.

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