MTT Y2K Superbike | World’s First Turbine Powered Bike

Today, the bike we are discussing is not the bike which was launched in the year 2020 or 2019. But the bike first came into the picture in the year 2000. Yes! But do not underestimate the power of the bike in comparison to the latest bikes as the bike is the world’s first turbine-powered motorcycle. We all know about the luxury rolls Royce cars but can you imagine about a motorcycle whose production started in the year 2000 can be powered by a rolls Royce engine? If not, then you should read the full article about the world’s first turbine-powered motorcycle ‘MTT Y2K Superbike’.


The motorcycle is manufactured by Marine Turbine Technologies. It is a US-based turbine manufacturer. The company was founded in 1903 117 years back and was mainly focused on the production of high-performance turbines for boats and fire suppressions pumps. But the company became famous in early 2000 for manufacturing the world’s first turboshaft-powered motorcycle and named it ‘MTT Y2K’. The Guinness World Records considers the bike as the most expensive production motorcycle. As these bikes were not mass-produced, the production of bike-only starts when a specific order is received and all bikes are hand made. The Price of the bike is $185,000.

mtt y2k superbike


It all started in the year 2000 when the MTT president Ted McIntyre decided to add motorcycle in the firm. For that, the president approached a former bike racer named as Christian Travert. Now, here the question arises that why a bike racer was approached for building a motorcycle? The simple answer is that Christian was also a custom bike builder. And after Christian accepted the offer he became the head of the project. Now, the production of the bike was started and a serious atmosphere was there in the production house. The Turbines used in the bike were refurbished by MTT with an extended warranty.


As we have mentioned earlier that the engine used in MTT Y2K is from Rolls-Royce. So, the Allison engine made by rolls Royce is used in the bike. Now, let’s learn a little bit about the Allison Engine. The Allison engine was not originally made by rolls-Royce, yes! It was a different company named as ‘The Allison Engine Company’ but in 1995 this company was acquired by Rolls-Royce Corporation. The Allison Engine was used as an Aircraft engine. The history of the company is very complicated as this company was built by James Allison but after his death in 1929 Fisher brothers purchased and then sold this company to general motors which owned it for most of the history and in 1995 rolls Royce acquired this company.

mtt y2k superbike

Now, as we can see that how the Allison is acquired by the Rolls-Royce now let’s learn about the model of the engine used in the MTT Y2K. The Rolls Royce Allison 250 C20 series gas turbine engine was used in the earlier models of MTT Y2K Superbike. This was a Turboshaft engine which produces the power of 420 hp @ 52000 rpm and the torque produced by the engine is 500ft/lbs @ 2000 rpm. Fuel used for the engine is Diesel and kerosene and the fuel capacity is 8.5 gallons (34 litres). But as there is some fuel is reserved so 1.5 Gallons (6 litres) fuel is reserved in Y2K.


Reserved Fuel

So, some people will find here a question that what is this reserved fuel? Actually, In motorcycles and cars, there are two different valves in a single tank. One is the main valve and the other one is the reserved valve. Let’s understood by taking the example of the Y2K bike. Let say you are going for a long trip and you have filled the tank full so you now have 8.5 Gallons (34 litres) of fuel in your bike but you can use only 7 Gallons (28 litres) of fuel. The rest of the fuel goes into the reserved valve so that if you forget to fill up your tank and the fuel gets empty then, you can use that reserved fuel (in our case it is 1.5 Gallons or 6 litres) by switching into the reserve mode of the bike.


Now, let’s talk about the performance of Y2K Superbike. The Speed of Y2K is 227 mph or 363 kmph. MTT superbike has mono-shock adjustable suspension. Also, the bike 4 piston Brembo calliper brakes with 320 mm disc. The frame is made up of aluminium alloy. The MTT Superbike has two different variants ‘Street Fighter’ in 2006 and ‘420RR or Race-Ready’ in 2015. The height of the seat is 840 mm. The transmission of Y2K is 2 Speed semi-automatic type.

mtt y2k superbike

Semi-Automatic Gear System

Now, some of you guys will find difficult to understand the ‘semi-automatic’ word! So, let’s understand this first before proceeding forward. Everyone knows about the two different gear systems in the automotive industry and they are ‘Manual’ and ‘Automatic or Fully Automatic’. The semi-automatic gear system is the mixture of these two gear system. In semi-automatic type, the driver has to manually shift the gear in the bike or car whatever he/she is driving like the manual gear system but the driver does not have to use the clutch for this and here this type use the automatic gear system for shifting. So, in simple words in semi-automatic transmission type, the driver shifts the gear manually but without using the clutch. Generally, the bikes which use this type of transmission type does not have a clutch.

mtt y2k superbike


So, in the end here, at the cars and bikes, we think that this bike was one of the incredible things at the time of launch. As even today no one can imagine a bike with an aircraft engine and a bike powered by turbine! So, from here we came across the idea of making an article which aware our readers about this bike. The MTT Y2K Superbike will have a different place in the heart of bike lovers as this was the bike which has changed the perspective of viewing a race bike. The Bike has great performance, great speed, great looks, and many more.

We think that we have solved many queries regarding this bike but if we have missed out something then comment down your queries and we make sure solved it out! Thank you for reading our article, share this article with your friends and family members to make them aware of this incredible bike.

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