Honda Accord Hybrid – The Ultimate Honda

Honda is the manufacturer know for its car’s design, power, fuel economy, and some other essential things which make the brand different from others. So this is a Japanese brand usually known for its high-performance car in a mid-budget range. But this time Honda has launched a great car. But at the cars and bikes, we think that this time Honda has crossed the Mid-budget range. Because Honda is increasing its car’s performance day-by-day. And we are taking the great model amongst the Honda cars i.e Honda Accord Hybrid.

Honda Accord Hybrid – Introduction

Like everyone knows that Honda Accord was one of the successful cars of Honda. And the 9th generation of honda accord was given a name i.e Honda Accord Hybrid. This model was a game-changer for Honda as it was a better model of accord series in every aspect of performance, fuel efficiency, etc. And this car also has an I-MMD i.e Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive. This mode brings a combination of an enjoyable drive with the outstanding fuel economy.

Honda Accord Hybrid – special features

Here, at the cars and bikes, we have given this car as one of the best cars in India from Honda. Because this car has great features but the Honda Accord Hybrid also comes with special features. So the features include high fuel economy, fully electronic mode. There is a special button which changes your full drive experience with great speed, performance and outstanding comfort level. So, let’s talk about the special features of the Honda Accord Hybrid.

Let’s learn about them in detail


Honda Accord HybridThis is a great feature of this car. In EV mode you can convert your car in a different version. To get into EV mode you have to push the EV button. The EV button allows the driver to select purely electric operation. And by enabling this mode a green EV icon gets lit on the instrument panel. The EV (Electric Vehicle) Mode is a part of the great features of this car.let’s move on to the other great feature of Honda Accord Hybrid.

Sport Mode

Honda Accord HybridThe Sport mode is one of the great features of the Honda Accord hybrid. As the name suggests that this feature allows the driver to get into the sport mode which allows changing the full driving experience and this feature is possible beacuse the sport mode enables mode battery to assist to increase acceleration.

Econ Mode

Honda Accord HybridIn this mode, the operation system of your Honda Accord Hybrid is fully changed to provide you with the outstanding full economy without losing the performance. This
feature is an important feature according to the customer’s point of view. Since this feature saves much amount of fuel it becomes a cost-effective feature.

Eco Assist

Honda Accord HybridThe Eco-Assist System is a unique feature in this car and also an interesting feature which attracts the buyers. The Eco-Assist system has illuminated arcs on the side of the speedometer to show if the vehicle is driven in an efficient
style. The Color changes gradually in response to the overall driving style.

Honda Accord Hybrid – Engine

As we all know about the power of Honda. Since, the power of Honda cars is expertly crafted, technologically advance and innovative power train. This car comes with the I-MMD ( Intelligence Multi-Mode Drive ) technology which is a 2-motor hybrid power train. This car also comes with a 2.0L Atkinson Cycle DOHC I-VTEC Engine and an Intelligent Power Unit (IPU). A Lithium-ion battery-packed and controlled with an IPU. This feature makes the new Honda Accord Hybrid top of its class. This car makes a total output of 215 PS and outstanding mileage of 23.1 Kmpl

Honda Accord Hybrid – safety features

At the cars and bikes, we think that the most important factor in a car or a bike is none other than the safety factor. The Safety of the driver and the passengers in a car is most important and the new Honda Accord Hybrid understand this. This car is great in its safety features. Now, let’s read about the safety provided by the Honda Accord Hybrid.

Let’s learn about them in detail

ACE body structure

Honda Accord HybridThe Advanced Compatibility Engineering Body Structure, Commonly known as ACE Body Structure. It is a marketing name of the body structure of Honda cars. This is a great feature of cars of Honda. This feature allows minimum damage to your car and other impacted vehicles in a collision. It allows to distribute the collision energy
evenly and redirect away from the passenger compartment.

Vehicle stability assist

Honda Accord HybridThe Vehicle Stability Assist is a feature in Honda Accord Hybrid. This system helps to stabilize the vehicle during cornering. If the car turns more or less than desired on a corner of a road then this feature comes into the picture. It will assist you on that road as well as it also assists you in maintaining traction while accelerating on loose or slippery road surfaces.

hill start assist

Honda Accord HybridNow, the best feature of the Honda Accord Hybrid comes here – Hill Start Assist. With the help of sensors fitted in the car incline surface is first detected. When the car is on an incline. It maintains the brake pressure for a set period of time as you switch from the brakes to the gas pedal. Once you press the accelerator, it releases the brake

lane watch

Honda Accord HybridThe Honda lane watch feature allows you to properly change your lane without seeing in the right mirror of your Honda Accord Hybrid. Honda LaneWatch is a camera system which is a supplement of side mirrors. A camera is installed in the right mirror and pointed toward the vehicle’s blind spot. When the system is activated, it displays an image of that area on a 7-inch screen inside the vehicle.

auto dimming irvm

Honda Accord HybridThe IRVM of new Honda Accord Hybrid is auto dimming which automatically reduce headlight glare when driving at night

below are some other but important

  • Front And Rear Parking Sensors.
  • Acoustic Vehicle Alert System.
  • Multi-Angle Rear View Camera.
  • Driver and Co-driver seatbelt reminder.
  • Active Cornering light.
  • Hydrophilic Mirror.
  • Emergency Stop Signal.

  • LED Fog Lamp.
  • One-Touch Power Sun-proof.
  • Run Sensing Wipers.
  • Rear Combi Lamp.
  • Spooky R18 Multi-Spoke Alloy.
  • Remote Engine Start.
  • One Push Ignition System.
  • Smart Entry.
  • Power Adjust Co-Driver Seat.
  • 8-way power adjust driver seat with 2 position memory function.
  • Rear AC Vents.
  • Power Charge Meter.
  • Multifunctional Steering Wheel.
  • I-Dual Zone Automatic Climate control With plasma cluster.
  • Apple Car Play.
  • Android Auto Supported.

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