Fastest Electric Bike – Lightning LS 218

Nowadays electric vehicles are quite popular. Everyone is talking about Electric cars and bikes. So, in this trending topic, the cars and bikes team decided to bring the world’s fastest electric bike in front of you. Lightning LS 2018 – World’s Fastest Electric bike has great performance, power, and speed, etc manufactured by Lightning Motorcycle is the best bike in the electric auto industry in our opinion.

fastest electric bike

Lightning LS-218 – Introduction

Lightning Motorcycle is an American manufacturer of electric motorcycles. Manufacturers started the production of the world’s fastest bike in 2014. When the bike firstly came into the picture the people of the auto world were in shock. Because of its great performance, speed and power. The Bike consists of a liquid-cooled 150 kW electric motor. The manufacturers claimed the top speed of bike at 218 mph (351 km/hr). And this speed is also verified at Bonneville Speedway. But the bad news is the test was not conducted on the original bike means the bike was modified from street legal using high-speed gearing and fairing. This was the only bad news about the lightning LS 218.

The Officials have also claimed that this bike has the power of 200 hp. The lightning LS 218 has become the World’s Fastest Electric Bike with SCTH Official World record of 215.960 mph Speed and best-timed run at Bonneville Speedway during speed week in August. Lightning Motorcycle has partnered with Race Tech for track-ready suspension development and every Lightning Superbike is factory equipped with track mopping data acquisition. It has a direct drive motor transmission.

fastest electric bike

Lightning LS 218 – Specification

Now, if we talk about anything related to electricity the battery, charging time and battery backup are the most important thing. And if we are talking about an Electric Bike then these 3 things becomes foremost. So, let the first talk about its Charging time. It took 30 Minutes for charging on DC fast charger and 120 minutes on level 2 Charger. So, in my opinion, the charging time is not bad. and what about you tell me in the comment box.

fastest electric bike

This bike comes with 3 variant. The only difference between the among 3 is only of battery capacity. The first variant comes with a 380V 12kWh battery which ranges from 100-120 miles per hour, and this variant comes with the price tag of $38,888.The second One has 380V 15kWh battery which ranges from 120-150 miles per hour and this variant comes with the price tag of $42,888. The third and the last variant comes with the battery pack of 380V 20kWh which ranges from 160-180 mph and this one comes with the price tag of $46,888. This variant is the most expensive one as well as the better one.

fastest electric bike

At A Glance

  • IPM Liquid cooled 150kw+ 10,500 rpm Electric Motor
  • Maximum Power – 200 HP
  • Maximum Torque – 228 NM
  • Gearbox – None; Direct drive motor
  • Top Speed – 350 KMPH
  • Front Brake – Dual Brembo 320mm Front Discs
  • Rear Brake – Single Brembo Rear Disc
  • Seat Height – 813 mm
  • Weight – 224.5 kg
  • Charging Time – 30 mins on a DC fast charger, 120 minutes on level 2 charger

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