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Energica Eva Ribelle | First Ever Italian 100% Electic Street-Fighter

Nowadays, in the automotive industry, everyone is talking about electric motorcycles and cars. And there are many manufacturers which have started manufacturing electric vehicles, but the world knows some of them. so we at the cars and bikes thought and decided to start a series on electric vehicles. To make our audience aware of the vehicles of the future. So, we are starting our series from an electric motorcycle manufacturer named as ‘Energica Motor Company’. So, the motorcycle we were talking about is the first-ever 100% electric streetfighter with great looks, and of course great power. The officials named this motorcycle ‘Energica Eva Ribelle’.


The Italian electric motorcycle builder ‘Energica Motor Company’ launched the world’s first-ever 100% electric streetfighter. The latest 2020 model has brought some changes which enhances the power of the motorcycle. The Eva Ribelle comes with a power of 107 kW or 145 hp and the Eva ribelle produces a torque of 215 Nm or 159 ft/lb. The most interesting thing which every motorcycle lover whether technical or non-technical loves is the top speed of the motorcycle. So, the top speed of the motorcycle is 200 km/h or 125 mph. 

eva ribelle

Now, some of our readers will think that this much of top speed is not as good as we are describing it. But, remember that we have already said that this is a 100% electric motorcycle, not a motorcycle which running on gasoline. So, in our opinion, it is fair speed as this is an electric motorcycle. The price of the bike is $22,160. The motorcycle comes in two different colours Corsa or racer Red and Stealth Grey. 


Now, let’s learn about the performance of the Engerica Eva Ribelle. The motorcycle has several features which make the motorcycle’s performance great. So, let’s one by one see them, the every first is about the range of this motorcycle. According to the officials, the range of motorcycle is about 400 km or 248.5 miles in the city. The officials say that this range is tested in real-world conditions on actual road surfaces. Another feature which is our favourite is that this bike has 4 different riding modes. 

eva ribelle

Now, some of our readers will have a question in their mind that what is meant by a driving mode? So, let’s learn about what is driving mode? So, a driving mode is usually seen in modern cars and motorcycles which helps the drivers to get maximum performance of their cars and bikes in different geographical conditions. As we have mentioned earlier the Eva Ribelle has 4 different modes. Let’s talk about them in detail:-

Driving Modes

  • Urban Mode – This Mode is helpful when we have to drive these motorcycles in city areas. This mode helps the driver to handle the bike and maximise the performance in urban areas. This mode will enable the lighter steering option designed for town-based rides, low-speed driving and much more.
  • Eco Mode – the full form of eco mode is an economical mode. It is used to cover maximum miles or km with gallons of gas or litre of fuel. Generally, this feature is used for those who use this motorcycle for a long drive. 
  • Sport Mode – Now, here comes the most famous mode. This mode is for those who love speed. This mode makes your steering hard and increases the acceleration and speed of the motorcycle or car. Usually, this mode is seen in the cars but the Eva Ribelle has included this in their features.
  • Rain Mode – This mode is a new type of driving mode which help generally those who struggle in driving in rain. In Yamaha bikes, you will find this mode named ‘B-Mode’. This smoothes the ride in the rain and reduces the power applied to the rear wheel.

After driving mode here comes the parking assistant. Yes! You read it, right Parking Assistant, in a motorcycle. Generally, it is seen in cars but Energica Motor Company has introduced this feature in their motorcycle. It helps the driver in back and forth at 2.8 kmph or 1.74 mph max speed. The Bike also has 4 regenerative maps. They are:-

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Off 

Now, many of our readers don’t know about this feature. They are now like, What are Regenerative maps? So, we are also not sure about this feature as according to our research this feature is only used in this motorcycle but we think that this feature enables direction system in this motorcycle like google maps? So, sorry 🙁  but we also cannot provide you accurate and detail information regarding this feature. 

eva ribelle


Now, let’s move to the most important thing in any electric vehicle ‘The Battery’. The battery is lithium polymer with the capacity of 18.9 – 21.5 kWh. The battery gets 80% charge in just 40 minutes is quite good charging speed. The motorcycle can go up to 6 km or 3.72 miles urban range in every single minute DC charging. The officials say that the charging speed of Eva Ribelle is faster than at least 82% of any other electric bike.


This motorcycle has many other electronic features:-

  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Integrated GPS.
  • 480×272 TFT colour display.
  • 9 warning lights.
  • Ambient light sensor.
  • Real-time clock.
  • Closest Charging Station. (Only when connected to MYEnergica App).

eva ribelle

A vehicle control unit is used for power management. It constantly monitors batteries even when in the key-off position. This bike also featured with cruise control which uses electric brake to maintain speed and increase braking energy.


In the end, after listing the full features of this motorcycle we think that this bike is providing good features at a very good price. Some features like Rain mode are new to us while the parking assistant feature is purely new in the motorcycle industry. Also, the bike is providing GPS feature so, buying this motorcycle is a good deal.

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