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Dodge Tomahawk – The Most Expensive Bike Ever

Do You ever think about a bike with a price tag of $ 700,000? If not, then you should read the full article of a bike which is the most expensive bike ever in the world. The Dodge Tomahawk – World’s Most Expensive Bike manufactured by dodge. Dodge is an American brand of automobile manufacturer based in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The Company was Known For Its performance car but after launching the tomahawk now, the credit for the name and fame of the company goes to dodge tomahawk (in our opinion). Because The dodge tomahawk is a non-street legal concept bike Which means that you cannot drive this bike on road. But the price ranges from $550,000 to $700,000. this bike was very firstly introduced In 2003 non-American International Auto show. So, Let’s read more about this bike.

dodge tomaawk

Dodge tomahawk – Speed

This bike is also known as World’s Fastest Bike ever with an estimation of top speed at 420 mph (680 km/hr). But later when the speed revised, it results in downward to 330 mph (480 km/hr). But The Tomahawk could cross 0 to 60 in just 2.5 seconds. Now you are like, “WOW!”, but wait a minute we are sorry to say you but all these speed-related talks are just mere predictions and the top speeds are not even tested yet. Because there is no such proof of the top speed of this bike so we can’t say anything about the speed. These top speed talks are the beliefs of the motorcycling and the automotive media.

dodge tomahawk

The David Elshoff – Dodge spokesman once said that this bike would be taken for a run at Bonneville Speedway (which is a very popular place for motorsports and noted as the venue for numerous speed records). But, no such attempt was never made. There is no one in the world to be known for riding Tomahawk at its top speed i.e 300 to 420 mph. The top speed known on which the Tomahawk is driven is not more than 100 mph (160 km/hr). Yes! you just read it right. The top speed on which Tomahawk has ridden is only 100 mph.


Dodge Tomahawk – Specification

Now, let’s talk about the ENGINE. Tomahawk is powered by 8.3-litre v10 engine with 500 hp. It has 2 Speed Manual transmission. And according to all these features, the top speed was determined. The Tomahawk attracted significant press and industry attention for its striking design, its use of large-capacity 10-cylinder automobile engine and 4 close-coupled wheels. What? wait a minute! A bike with four wheels. Yes! also, this was another great feature which makes the Tomahawk different from other bikes.

dodge tomahawk

Tomahawk is the concept running vehicle. The Design and Fabrication process took place in six months. The Tomahawk has an independent suspension on all four wheels designed to allow the rider to countersteer and lean into a turn like a tilting three-wheeler. There is very little lock-to-lock steering range, only about 20° on either side of the centre. So, turning radius of Tomahawk is large. The rider can engage a rear suspension lock which hydraulically holds the two wheels in relative position, letting vehicle stand on its own without using a single stand. The Dodge Tomahawk Was only one in number. There is a total of 9 replicas of Tomahawk each with a price tag of $555,000. WOW! what were the features of this bike. This is my DREAM BIG. I wish that I could purchase this bike in future. No even has imagined about this bike except Dodge engineers and those people who made it.

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